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Who Are We

From the beginning, Digital Solutions has always maintained its core purpose when aiding a business. This purpose is to research, test, and optimize different solutions in any marketing area that our clients may need in order to grow and scale their business. 

Our Story

Jeffery E. Edwards II, the founder of Digital Solutions Pro LLC, began as a graphic designer for a plethora of niche's until he noticed there is a common issue that most companies share. This issue is the ability to properly reach their target market online or through their social media platforms.

With this reoccurring issue, he began to build a team that specialized in all of the current and major areas of marketing and advertisement in order to provide solutions.

Whether it's launching an ad campaign, or gaining organic followers, Digital Solution is dedicated to providing positive results. Once you start with us, our team will utilize past and trending knowledge to gain success for your digital platforms.

Proven Results

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